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Bill by Eco-Me, All Purpose Cleaner

A Friendly Green Cleaner for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Windows, and More

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Photograph of Bill by Eco-Me All Purpose Cleaner, Photo © Eco-Me

Bill by Eco-Me All Purpose Cleaner

Photo © Eco-Me

The Bottom Line

"Bill by Eco-Me, All Purpose Cleaner" is one of nine natural cleaning products by Eco-Me. I must say, after getting a little help from my friend "Bill" in cleaning my bathroom, kitchen, mirrors, and windows, I was impressed with how everything sparkled and was uplifted by its herbaceous, woodsy, and slight citrusy scent. So I won't hesitate to introduce "Bill," I mean this cleaner, to other friends looking for a great green cleaning product.


  • Multiple Uses: Tile, counters, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, stoves, windows, mirrors, floors
  • Cost: One of the least expensive cleaners when compared to 10 other popular brands
  • Effectiveness: Reduces up to 98% bacteria in 60 seconds and very effectively cleans all surfaces
  • Safety & Health: Ingredients are food-grade, toxin-free, and free of several undesirable chemicals
  • Environmental Friendliness: 100% natural cleaning product with recycable packaging that doesn't leach toxins
  • Product Certifications: PETA & Leaping Bunny


  • Manufacturer Information: The MSDS is not available on the company website
  • Surface Applications: Not recommended for use on marble, according to the manufacturer
  • Scent: Doesn't really smell like "lemons at the spa" as the label states


  • Cleaner Type: All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Size: 32 fl. oz. (945 ml.)
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Scent: Only one scent available which is described as "lemons at the spa," but it is really more of a herbaceous, woodsy, and citrusy scent
  • Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar (acetic acid), purified water, caprylyl capryl glucoside (sugar-based solubilizer), lemongrass essential oil, siberian fir needle essential oil, dalmatian sage essential oil

Company Background

Eco-Me is a natural products company that started out making do-it-yourself cleaning kits and then later launched its pre-mixed cleaners in stores in 2011. Very health, safety, community, and environmentally conscious, Eco-Me's products mostly contain common, food-grade ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard, like vinegar and olive oil. Information about its sustainability practices, mission, community involvement, customer incentives, and more is available on its website.

Product Effectiveness

According to the manufacturer, this product reduces up to 98% bacteria in 60 seconds. So when I tested the product in the bathroom and the kitchen, I made sure to let it sit for a minute or two. These are the excellent results I got with this product:

Bathroom: In the shower and tub, it removed hard water stains, soap scum, dirt, and mildew well with a little help from a scrub brush. It left no streaking on tile floors. When tackling the sink, it cut-through built-up dirt, soap scum, shaving cream, and toothpaste and left the fixtures sparkly and clean.

Kitchen: When cleaning the cook-top and oven, this product cut instantly through grease and food, but didn't remove all of the cooked- and baked-on food spills.

Windows and mirrors: Finger prints, bug spots, and dirt were quickly and easily removed and the product left no streaking.

Health & Safety

Most of the toxin-free, food-based ingredients are easily recognizable except for "Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside," which is a sugar based solubilizer that is ranked as a low hazard ingredient by the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, mainly because there are no studies available with regard to its health effects.

There aren't any safety concerns with normal use, but gloves are recommended. According to the MSDS, this product may cause mild eye irritation if it comes into contact with the eyes (due to the essential oils) and if the product is swallowed, medical care is recommended.

Note: The manufacturer doesn't warn to not use this product with other cleaners that may contain beach, which is a problem because its main ingredient is vinegar. Vinegar reacts with bleach to create toxic chlorine gas as About.com Chemistry Guide, Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D., explains in her article "Why People Mix Bleach and Vinegar."

Environmental Notes

Eco-Me uses PET #1 plastics, which are purchased from recycling centers, and its packaging does not leach toxins.

Final Thoughts

Due to its economical price, fabulous cleaning results, safe ingredients, and environmental friendliness, I would definitely recommend the "Bill by Eco-Me, All Purpose Cleaner." "Bill" is always up to any cleaning task that may come your way and makes cleaning multiple surfaces around your home seem effortless.

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